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2011-11-27 04:30 pm

Weekly Menu!

Thanksgiving week food was soooo good! The blueberry-vanilla goat cheese was absolutely out of this world. The pumpkin creme brûlée was among the best I've ever had. And I enjoyed the pork (PORK!) so much that I ate SECONDS.

Another week of late nights and appointments so it's easy dinner most nights.

*Veggie burgers and tater tots.

*Crispy fish tacos, rice, veggies

*Apple & cheese stuffed chicken *Sweet potato biscuits *Roasted broccoli

*Tri-color cheese and garlic tortellinis *Sausage *Large salad

*Baked mac & cheese *Veggies *Salad

*Crockpot breakfast risotto
*Eat out and see the holiday lights with friends! *Pizza night with the sitter for the boys

*Home made cream of broccoli soup *Sliders or dinner rolls

Seeing as we still have two creme brûlées, most of a pineapple stuffing cake, three pumpkin skickerdoodle whoopee pies, and a mini loaf od pineapple zucchini bread I will not be baking this week. Which bums be out, I've been enjoying baking SO much lately! I need to take a week off anyway, so much sugar and junk food and crabs this past week has got me feeling a bit sluggish despite keeping up with my running and Pilates.